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Do you get headaches with seasonal allergies? April 24, 2018 16:22 23 Comments

Headache relief with essential oils.

Aroma Buttons February 3, 2016 14:41 35 Comments

Our Aroma Buttons are stronger than candles, reusable and makes no soot. Let us know which ones are your favorites and what are your favorite blends you like to make by mixing them.

Fizzy Bath Bombs February 3, 2016 14:18 3 Comments

Our new Fizzy Bath Bombs are just awesome. Click on Fizzy Bath Bombs for complete list of choices. Please let us know how much you like our Fizzy Bath Bombs. Click on Fizzy Bath Bombs to leave a comment.

Asian Flower Lamp January 28, 2016 16:44 2 Comments

Asian Wood Aroma Lamps. A beautiful wooden aroma lamp with a dimmer switch for easy adjustment. Tell us what's your favorite style aroma lamps